Assistance with Transport Costs and Accommodation

If you need to travel over 100km to access treatment, the Victorian Patient Transport Assistance Scheme (VPTAS) can assist with reimbursing some costs for travel and accommodation. Our staff will gladly assist you with the submission of the required forms. For more information please click here.

What should I wear for a skin check?
Please note for skin checks, you will be required to remove your clothing down to underwear to enable appropriate examination, so wear comfortable clothes that can easily be removed to your appointment. If possible, avoid wearing make-up, fake tan and nail polish. With your consent, clinical photographs will be taken of any skin lesions for documentation purposes.
My privacy
Our Clinic uses digital images of your skin to monitor, diagnose and/or treat skin cancers. These images are stored securely, and will only be accessed by clinical staff involved in your care including pathology providers to aid in diagnosis. You have the right to refuse consent or change your consent at any time in the future. If you have any privacy concerns, please discuss with any of our team so we can resolve them immediately.
Who should get a skin check?

Cancer Council Australia recommends that you should see a doctor if you notice a new spot, or changes in the colour, size or shape of existing spots. For high risk individuals, they also recommend full skin examinations every 6 months, supported by dermoscopy and total body photography.


In our busy lives, it can easily slip the mind when 6 months is due to come around. We can send you an SMS reminder a couple of weeks before you are due for your next visit, and simply jump onto our online booking portal to select a time that suits your availability, or call/email the team to book in for you.

How often should I have a skin check?

Once you get your skin professionally checked it is important to continue to look out for changes in your moles or spots regularly. No one remains risk-free. It is recommended to check your own skin regularly (every 3 months). If you notice any changes in your skin, spots or moles, Book an appointment straight away. 

Have more questions?

If your question is not answered on this page, please give us a call on 03 5331 6051 or send us an online enquiry.