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A skin cancer biopsy is a minor
procedure that generally takes less
than 10 minutes to perform.


Skin Biopsy Service

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Using the world's most
advanced skin analytics
system software.

Capturing, documenting and
reviewing skin images providing
the most accurate results.


Skin Biopsy service

A skin cancer biopsy is a minor procedure that generally takes less than 10 minutes to perform. Prior to taking the skin biopsy the doctor will apply local anaesthetic to numb the area. The doctor will use the punch to take a sample of the lesion, usually a few millimetres deep and in diameter. 

Radiation Therapy Treatments

Superficial X-Ray Therapy is a form of skin cancer treatment. It uses low energy x-rays to treat skin cancer and similar conditions, and is ideal for locations that are too difficult for surgical excision. Highly targeted, with limited side effects in the short and long term, it is an ideal treatment choice for most skin cancers.

Western District Skin Cancer Services is dedicated to skin cancer diagnosis and radiation therapy treatments for residents in the Ballarat and surrounding region.

Our purpose-built clinic and experienced radiation therapists and radiation oncologist will leave you know doubt you are in great hands.

Take care of your skin.

UV radiation is dangerous and quite sneaky that we are mostly unaware of it. It can reach you even when trying to avoid it, such as through penetrating clouds, glass, water and sand. The damage can accumulate over the years from prolonged outdoor exposure.

There are many things you can do to protect your skin to keep it happy and healthy. Follow some of these steps to protect yourself:

We can match our services to your needs

– be it taking a look at that mole or lump that has been concerning you, or proactively screening some or all of your spots using the Whole-Body Photography service. Like any cancer, early detection is key to the best possible outcome so book into to see our Certified Skin Cancer GP for that peace of mind.

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